Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 18dys: PR Spinning out of Control

The Star Players in the Pantomime today: Minister of Works, Jack Warner; fmr UNC Leader, Basdeo Panday and CAL's Head Flight Attendant, Kamlarani. Photo courtesy Trinidad and Tobago News website.

I am absolutely convinced that the Govt’s PR team setting them up for a fall. Have you been hearing the radio ads of the last two days? There is an ad fashioned to sound like a news bulletin letting the country know that massive road programmes are scheduled to begin soon….3000 jobs will be created.
About a month ago, when the Marlene Coudray issue became a hot button topic the PM waved 2 beakers of oil, announced that God was a Trini, better times were ahead, things were turning around. Within 24 hours of that manufactured oil find….(Yes, Gillette, we know it manufactured…and we know it pissing you off that we know and figured it out….)…Energy and economic  experts thoroughly trashed the idea of the “oil find” having any sort of real impact. That got deflated fast.

Now, in light of the ongoing TCL Strike, Mayorgate (Marlene aint going nowhere), St Ann’sGate and regular concerns about the PM’s spending sprees and government nepotism….we have road jobs to look forward to.

Who them tactics remind you of? I mean seriously, Jack and Kamla, 3000 jobs to help build highways supposed to make us feel relieved after 3 years of economic stagnancy? And this week there was a story about low natural gas prices…..all yuh goose cooked!

And the best your PR team can come up with is to make ads that sound like faux news reports….to add legitimacy, nah?

And as for St Ann’sGate, aka Miller Time, well this thing just getting stickier and stickier….even the Judge saying her looking at process and procedure, ‘Kokaram said: “The wider issue I am interested in: is what does an employer do when an employee has a mental breakdown in the workplace?”’ BOOOM!
So all this bending over backwards to reveal Miller’s diagnosis, Fuad, and you Verna, telling the media she is unwell….that’s just poor form. The thing you guys should have done since last Friday when it was revealed that Miller was detained under Section 15 of the MHA, was to begin to discreetly negotiate and settle with Miller. What was perpetrated on Miller, the stealthy abduction and admission into a government facility, complete with the admission of drugs and bad procedure is the stuff of psychological thrillers and nightmares. You’ve soiled your hands good and proper here. And regardless of what is said about Miller after this, the country is always going to remember your government, as the one in charge when this crime was perpetrated against a public servant. Your constant cries that Manning is a Dictator (and mind you, it’s The Keith at the helm now, eh) ring hollow, because this act, that the world tends to associate with Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Taliban Afghanistan happened under your watch….and its your ministers and your government that’s trying to effect a cover up on what can only be described…from all angles…as an extreme violation of human rights….no one going to remember the just-as-culpable Perm Secs….just Fuad, Verna and your deafening silence.

Road works can’t make that go away!

I wondering too if the PNM and all lost its way with its PR and spin….PNM Abroad spends a lot of time bussing files via FB. For the most part you can depend on the video clips and newspaper links they post to give information or even another side to a story…but of late their tone has shifted from simple PR and propaganda to gossip….and don’t make the mistake of pointing this out to them…then you get told if you aint like it, then lay down side it.

ME: I wish your posts were generally more mature and responsible. Often you spund [sic] like a gossip column in a rag newspaper instead of a source of solid info…when Anil going to cross the floor again? I waiting on the official announcement 3 weeks now.

PNM Abroad: We don’t have to repeat our TRACK RECORD our loyal members know it. We have NO INTENTION of changing the format. It has served us well for the last 2 years and 10 months and the FACTS have always fallen in our favour. I guess it just redbuds back to excellent political analysis.

ME: …my issue is responsibility in information dissemination. Yes this is a pro party group, but its approach likely to turn off the very people it should be trying to attract. And your report on the helicopters aint new. Daily ppl call in radio stations with sightings, so this is no scoop. Try and work on determining a standard.

PNM Abroad: Its simple-if people do not like what we say or how we put it- just either leave or don’t come on site. We don’t force anybody here. In fact however, we know very well our members tastes,we know their demographics,we know our phenomenal growth rate,our reach, and we know our track record on most issues has been exemplary. (not all-just most). We are not about to worry about fighting anyone.

The comments from other posters were deleted because they were irrelevant to this thread, but really, is this the position that PNM  wants out there? We doing we thing, and it working for our demographic and we sticking to it! So what about the people who fall out of your demographic that you might want to attract? Narrow approach much? Considering the drubbing the party’s image received in the 2010 election is this really the route you wish to go?

I see Prakash Ramadhar getting hot and sweaty ForCop these days…meetings after meetings and nothing about Mayorgate cyah resolve. Ramadhar insisting that the main issue is the San Fernando Mayorship issue, the PM saying otherwise and in the middle of talks she have to buss out to ketch ah plane! I hear Vidwattie stay home on this trip…So who attending to the PM’s Special Needs? Nobody? The Needs disappear? Or they on hold until we stop paying attention????

Activist Wayne Kublalsingh and Mon Desir residents put down a nice piece of protest on the EMA yesterday. Activists and villagers picketed the EMA office in order to get CEC’s that will determine whether or not the highway carded to pass through Mon Desir has actually gottten approval.

No lawyer wants to defend the taxi driver who formed the paedophile ring in Claxton Bay.

Volney the Sour Care Bear under fire for his loose cannon comments yesterday.

Deputy Police Commissioners who resemble Sandy, not Gibbs and Ewatski, were sent into Mt D’Or to have peace talks with residents….this govt jokey for truth, oui….one minute they bawling for ethnic parity and then when it suits them they use ethnicity as part of their crime plan….speaking of Crime Plan, we up to 107 murders for the year, last year was 117 (so thank God for that SoE, it was a real success), what is really the Crime Plan besides the Crop Duster????

Is Friday folks, and I have to tell you I didn’t believe St Ann’sGate woulda still been the lead story given the speed of our news cycles. But the state attacking a public servant was always going to be a huge issue.

I will leave you with a quote from meh boy….the one and only De Bas!

‎”I think they love power so much, all of them, that they will swallow their vomit in order to hold on to office” - Basdeo Panday


De Vice Cyah Done!

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Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 16dys: Bullies and Back-Pedallers!

Fitzgerald Hinds, legal counsel for Cheryl Miller and opposition Senator.


I hear Fitzie naming Verna bold bold in a radio interview clip on news this morning and I read the comments from the head of the Public Service in the Express this morning and mankind and womankind reaching for tarpaulin to  cover their ass. It appears that the Perm Sec in Gender Affairs only raise the issue after the mark buss in the media…..Sandra Jones, something as important as committing a colleague to St Ann’s you aint even write an e-mail, much less a report on this issue? Wait….is so immune you is Sandra? You don’t even have to inform your superiors about so important a decision? But the Public Service is a dangerous place to work??????

Fitzie saying he never call the media vultures….and Fitzie I hope you aint backpedalling now too, eh!

Senior Counsel Stanley Marcus is urging Health Minister Fuad Khan to hush… but Fuad, is days now I telling you hush. Is days now I telling you that you can’t be discussing Cheryl Miller business in such a casual and cavalier manner…so much years you is a doctor, you never learn bout doctor/client confidentiality? Quit the Cheryl Miller Smear Campaign….it done looking bad that your ministry involved in this debacle…do the right thing!

So the Min of Health meeting with everybody that was involved today, to get their stories straight. And Cheryl Miller has been advised to stay at home….until the case resolved….Wait, is send they sending Cheryl home? She on suspension? Holiday? No-pay leave? Look, this is the public service….define the leave all yuh asking/telling/demanding Miller take.

I beginning to feel really sorry for the senior members of the Public Service, because at every turn in this issue they are revealing themselves to be inept, bumbling fools. This issue is fast becoming a PR nightmare that’s going to haunt them for years, if not decades to come…..

spate of murders happened in a 24-hr period, the murder toll is now 100, according to the Newsday’s tally. The Guardian reports 5 murders over a 24-hr period. Repeat after me, “The SoE was a success!”

Deputy Commissioner of Police is busy defending the 21st Century Policing Plan…that managed to catch 20 ppl over the weekend for drunk driving and traffic offences. I wish we could get a Crime Plan that dealt with the issues plaguing our society in a multi-pronged way….sighhhhhhh.

Then it seems as if sexual crimes against children are back in the news. A  two-year-old girl was sexually abused before her death, and police aren’t ruling out murder.

And it appears that there is a ring of paedophiles in Claxton Bay, ranging from the ages of 13 to 51.

So, question, Minister St Rose Greaves, when exactly is this government going to table the Children’s Bill in parliament. More than 6 weeks ago Minister Roodal Moonilal claimed that the PNM’s Motion of No Confidence was the reason the Bill couldn’t be tabled. Surely enough weeks have passed….surely our parliament’s time can be taken up debating this Bill rather than listening to Anand and Roodal lie and dishonour the reputation of private citizens and former public servants.

So, when you aren’t standing by watching your PS bully weaker members of staff….can you please try and table the Bill?

Partnership talks are due to resume tomorrow, as Prakash Ramadhar flies in to talk peace. Look out for more back pedalling and bicycle wining, look out for Ramadhar et al protecting their few remaining positions of power…look out for total surrender to the UNC after 2 weeks of grandcharge that lead to no where.

It’s Monday folks, Mt D’or still vex about Atiba Duncan’s murder and Shoppin Toppin have to answer questions before her party for abusing the Govt credit card. The week now start…..the game of thrones continues!


De Vice Cyah Done!


Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 15dys: Waists Will Roll!

Imagine we still on holiday in Trinidad, when we does work?????

So, last night I bringing ah pardna up to speed on the Cheryl Miller case because he was in transit for the last few days and unable to read the blog (me woulda shame).
And as I recounting the information as it unravelled from Thursday evening (which is where he miss out from) when Fuad Khan gave an interview to I95.5, I and all had to pause at the sheer marvell

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan

ousity (word have to make up) of this story.

You have a situation where people used their clout to bypass rules and regulations to ward a person in a mental institution and up to last Thursday, while recounting this evidence, the Minister of Health was reciting confidently that all proper procedure had been followed. Mind you, is through Khan that we found out that the call to St. Anns came from someone high up in his office. And I am assuming that since Fuad knew where the call came from, and had a report in his hand about the Cheryl Miller incident that he was gleefully dropping juicy, yet inconclusive bits of information from, that he knew under what section of the law that Miller had been detained. All of the info had to be there. And up until Friday, Khan saw absolutely nothing strange about Miller’s detention????? Nothing at all? Not even that the sub-section under which she was detained was beyond stretching our imagination?

Listen, not even VS Naipaul could make this absurdity up!

Is only when Khan realise that the Govt have egg all over its face (and that must have come in the aftermath of the revelations in court on Friday evening and the comments made by attorneys Dana Seetahal and Nyree Alfonso on the matter, which indicated that the State’s case was shaky at best) he decide that heads will roll. Not his exact words, but an approximation of it. And as I contemplated Khan’s comments in the Express, it occurred to me that maybe even the Minister of Feelings, Verna St Rose Greaves, had to have known under what legal terms Miller was detained, and the ministry officials in her office, the ministry officials in Health and the personnel at St. Ann’s……and none of them thought that their detention of Miller was strange????? THEY MAD?????????

I get up this morning to read that Miller will be getting private tests done to find out if the drugs she has been given have harmed her in any way; and that Khan has called a Council of the Ministerial Suspects. If you ask me, that meeting isn’t going to be about finding out who is at the bottom of this, because something tells me Khan already knows, and has known since Holy Thursday. This meeting may well be to strategise on how to cover their asses, and find a way to placate a very angry public.

Min of Gender Affairs and Senator, Verna St Rose Greaves

People in positions of authority here have gotten to accustomed to banding together to suppress, hush up and sweep away bad things, that I am convinced from Ministers (and is two involved) to Perm Sec to Deputy Perm Sec felt convinced that they could detain Miller, and not a word would be said about it…because them in charge!!!!

Right now the game that the Ministries, with the aid of the Psychiatrist’s Association playing, is one of character smearing….and one only needs to take a look on FB and the online media comments to see how many “sick”chiatrists we have in Trinidad. Thread after comment thread have people focussed on determining whether or not Miller is mad, as their way to justify the action taken against her….and this is despite all of the obvious and damning information that the state authorities breached protocol to lock up an individual. Cheryl Miller’s mental state is not  and never has been the issue on trial here, but rather how she was detained. But the state is playing a sick game of twisting its comments in the media to suggest and imply that “Cheryl aint too right in she head yuh know, so we had was to treat she this way…is for she own good…really”.

But I think Miller’s lawyers have smelled blood….if this thing goes to full trial with testimonies from all parties it is going to be an interesting time as we hear detail by detail exactly how people in positions of power go about using their knowledge and contacts to breach it. We bound to hear about phone calls….and weird comments like, “Well, it not on the law books, but is so we always doing it.” Cheryl Miller’s case has unwittingly opened an entire can of worms not just about abuse of authority in state-run institutions but what precisely goes on with mental health care in Trinidad. Madness has a serious stigma and taboo here….people don’t like to talk about it, or admit to it….they fraid people watch them funny. And more often than not we too happy for the authorities to remove crazy people from our line of sight and consciousness.

Despite the many calls from people (most of whom for some reason saw this as a partisan, political, support yuh party issue) to leave the matter alone and “all yuh hush, nah. How all yuh so sure the woman not mad and deserved to be in St. Ann’s”, I’m glad that Cheryl’s colleagues and indeed many other citizens did make a fuss about this, and voiced their displeasure and kept questioning the authorities. At the bottom of it, this has nothing to do with UNCOP vs PNM (although Fitzie and Faris presence hard to ignore) and everything to do with how we as citizens are treated by people in positions of power.

Too often in matters like this the state authorities does wine on us….and wine hard too. So, sorry Khan is not heads alone I want to see roll.
I am hoping, that given the details of this case, and Cheryl Miller’s battery of lawyers that she aint just get to wine back on the state, I want she tremble it and raise a leg too….because they damn well deserve it!

De Vice Cyah Done!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 22mts, 11 dys:

Minister Verna St Rose Greaves, stands next to Minister Devant Maharaj (front row) on the day they were sworn in as Ministers. One wonders if they remember their oaths. Photo courtesy President of T&T's website.



Folks, remember how the country was up in arms over Reshmi being appointed as head of the SIA because she was pretty much  unqualified for the job?

Well from what I hear on news last night, hiring underqualified people becoming a trend with this government. I am advised that transport Minister Devant Maharaj has hired a former security guard, who barely has a diploma in civil aviation to be the Operations Manager at the airport, while other more qualified people with degrees and Masters in the area have been ignored for the post.

Last night an online comment on the matter went like this…”But all this time I went to school and spend money to study when all I needed to do was be born a Hindu”.
It getting worse folks and it smelling bad. The nepotism and cronyism in this government beyond rampant now. While most Trinis  accept that with each change of government there will be some level of “troughing it” and feeding and eating ah food will take place, it has become far too wide spread and vulgar with this government.

After reading Clarence Rambharat’s article about the issue of ethnic composition of state boards, I wondered again, where is the new politics that was promised? And how much longer can this situation last?

If friendships and blood ties are what determine job appointments at state bodies, then do we really have competent people running any aspect of our country currently?

A radio report yesterday said Prakash Ramadhar is now out of the country, so I imagine the talks have been postponed. And lemme tell you now how this going to go. The “TALKS” ended since Monday….Prakash done accept he terms….but he will disappear, then a red herring issue will be waved at the public….and then quiet quiet you will realise that there are no more talks, the COP back in Parliament normal normal and everyone acting like the rift never took place. Marlene might be made a senator, Seepersad-Bachan might lose her portfolio and lo and behold, Marlene become a Minister…or Senate Vice President. Either which way, the situation has been quietly resolved and they giving all yuh time to develop amnesia on it. You know Trini memory short.

I hear East Port of Spain….or is it South East Port of Spain….threatening to march on the city because the make work programmes stop…hmmmm we might have a Colour Me ORange Revolution????? Or maybe is grand charge to frighten the PM into creating more work for them.

The latest Pantygate update is that Sita no longer wants her transfer, and a judge has ordered the TSC to hold it.

The Minister of Feelings, Verna St Rose Greaves, is expressing sorrow over the forced commitment of one of her employees into the St Ann’s Mental Facility. Now according to the Mental Health Act
these are the reasons for admitting a person, and the conditions under which an “urgent admission” can take place:

Every person who is or is reasonably believed to be in
need of such treatment as is provided in a psychiatric hospital may
be admitted thereto—
(a) as an urgent admission patient;
(b) as a voluntary patient;
(c) as a medically recommended patient;
(d) by an order of the Court made pursuant to
section 13;
(e) by an order of the Minister of National Security
made pursuant to section 14; or
(f) on the application of a Mental Health Officer
under section 15.

7. (1) The Psychiatric Hospital Director or a duly authorised
medical officer may, subject to subsection (3), admit to a hospital
as an urgent admission patient any person in respect of whom an
application is made.
(2) An application under subsection (l)—
(a) may be made by any person who alleges that
the person in respect of whom the application is
made is mentally ill and, in the interest of his
health and for the safety and protection of
others, or either of them, ought to be detained in
a hospital; and
(b) shall be accompanied by a certificate of a medical
practitioner other than the duly authorised
medical officer responsible for the admission
of the person.

Now, if we went by what the Act says, it means that whoever in the Ministry alleged that Ms Miller was mentally ill, also had documented evidence to prove that Ms Miller was indeed ill and produced this to the person who admitted Ms Miller into St. Ann’s hospital. If this didn’t happen…..then on what grounds was she admitted?

There is a lot of talk being bandied about over the last two days about “forced imprisonment”, “police state” and “authoritarian rule”. Can the Minister of Feelings come forward and clear the air and tell people on what grounds Ms Miller was committed? And doh tell me is because she was acting strange, because then real people in the government could be committed on sight….and what about all the apparently mentally disturbed people on the streets? Why aren’t they being committed?

Something smells decidedly rotten about this situation and I keeping an eye on the airport’s Operations Manager issue with Devant. This place moving from bad to worse at warp speed.


De Vice Cyah Done!