Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 10 dys:

Murders continue to rise
TTPS Mystar say they have it under control.
QC Karl and fmr CJ Michael tell Archie and Kangaloo that Silk aint the right look for them. Give it Back!
Fmr Mp Baksh’s niece freed of voter padding charges as evidence goes into hiding.
It must be in the same place as real guns and cocaine!
THA up in arms over Central Govt interference and snubs!
Meanwhile, in a remote village in India, Kamla digging up roots!
The PIGS on Corruption Steroids!

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Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts 10 dys:

In the land of a thousand Indian Expos and 2 Indian owned banks
The PM has gone on a trade expedition to India, aka
Back to Roots!
This blockbuster historical film costing us $10m.
Back at HQ, supporting traitor Dooks in charge.
Fat Cat Ewatski saying doh blame him, blame the beaurocracy for the crime (it is now the law book’s fault).
HCU’s Harnarine say the govt lying to the people.
They must be learn from Harnarine.
Cookie Monster name back in the papers for aiding and abetting Calder Hart.
4 murders since the year start.
I hope in re-crossing the Kala Pani some of these PIGS regain CLASS!

Crime Clusterf@$k & Political Pantomime 19mts 9dys:

This country gone IMAX with the shit.

Is like we in perpetual movie mode.
Week after week is blockbuster action: Crime, Horror, Drama, Who-Dunnit?, I-Spy, Psychological Thrillers!

Ewatski starring in 21st Century Crime Plan…opening in police stations soon.

Kamla have leading roles in “Roots – back to India” and “The Silken Conspiracy”. Laventille residents are extras in “Nightmare on Every Street”.

The PIGS in line for Oscars!

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 8dys:

PM (who just give herself silk) promises to clean up corrupt Govt…a good day aint pass yet and the lies begin.
Kamla off to find her roots in India!
QC Karl bashes self promotion.
Glencoe under attack from armed gangs…Gibbs where the Crime Plan?
Cops bracing for bloodshed
Like Gang Warfare making a come back in 2012 (as if it ever left)
Citizens braced for Ole Mas!
TV6 questions Govt Gestapo tactics
TI condemns TV6 raid
All other media houses mum…silence sounding like consent!
7pt Earthquake hits Japan
We off to a dismal start for 2012
The Sty needs a hose down!

PM Bissessar off to collect her self nominated promotion

Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 7dys:

The Swine get silk to fatten their political sow purses…(Pension plan?)
The Sty ready, jetset and off they go to India.
It is alleged that Police storm TV6 politely )tea and crumpets for everyone).
MATT find they shoulda wipe they foot before they jump in the dance.
The Ass-Elbow Anti-Crime Plan in Full Effect.
The Pigs NEED an anatomy lesson!

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Crime Clusterf@$k/Political Pantomime 19mts, 6dys:

The Govt showing anti-media pantylines.
25 officers raid 1 news station to find a tape (allegedly)!
An& boofing Gibbs to do he wuk
Is An& doing his?
… Kill Gibbs dead (and the crime rate just might) he doing a good job.
Say it often eno
ugh Dorothy and it’ll come true!
There was no SoE plan, there is no post-SoE plan…
Sandy mum on his own portfolio…
An& insisting non-extradition is the latest app to download to deal with the Steve-Ish virus.
The Pigs will get diaper rash from crapping on themselves!

Crime Clusterf@$k?Political Pantomime Update 28/12/11:

The AG stars in tonights news.
He asking Gibbs for answers on the crime spike (i guess asking Anil out of the question).
He appointing a committee to find out why crime does happen
And he say another SoE is not being considered
… (who considered the first one…Sweet Genius?)
Dooks say he positive about the 2012 economy….we positively screwed!
This govt NEEDS an anatomy lesson
Ass and elbow doh belong in the same place!

AG Ramlogan in African Garb

Anyone remember when we thought this man was smart, insightful and effective????

Crime Clusterf@$k Update Dec 28th/2011:

21 days after SoE ends, murder and crime rate right back up where it started.
8 Killed over Christmas
Burnt female body found
Crime Plan still missing
… 2 murder suspects nabbed
Let’s see if they will have evidence for a trial
Gibbs New Year wish is for less crime
My New Year wish is nor No GIBBS or EWARTSKI!
The Pigs doing an Illegal Wine on we!

Political Pantomime 1 yr, 7mts, 1dy:

PM calls for us to talk out our differences.
Since May 2010 everything she do DIFFERENT from what she promise to do.
T’is the season to be jolly
But we SoE tired of the crime, punishment and corruption the country numb.
… 19 months of blatant bungling, violations, nepotism, corruption has been their gift to the nation.
The National Family is dysfunctional.
The National Mother/Grandmother has failed.
The PIGS on this farm are relentless in their stupidity
Drink a rum and a ponche de creme…because you going to need it!
Have a safe holiday!

Political Pantomime 19months:

19 months of poor governance
Churches get $5000 for Christmas.
Kamla has out-PNMed the PNM with the hand-out mentality.
New Chairman at Airports Authority.
Dead man on Tobago board.
The drug economy is surpassing the fuel economy
We are a full fledged narco-state!
Still no word from Dooks on the $$$ crisis.
More PIGS than ham this Christmas!