3 Degrees of Full Dotish!


Kevan Gibbs: The man behind Great Fete weekend and now the TOP THA Elections.

Kevan Gibbs: The man behind Great Fete weekend and now the TOP THA Elections.

It is the middle of Silly Season in Tobago, in a THA elections that has been hijacked by the Central Government and turned into a full blown circus. TOP and the UNC are using the creative genius of the mastermind behind the Tobago Great Fete to run its THA campaign and  this genius has helped to turn the THA Election into a proper monster. Coupled with Silly Season are three other very serious issues happening here in Trinidad that I’m sure the Government is hoping no one pays attention to.

Full Dotish 1 Race Baiting to the nth Degree: If you’ve never experienced Great Fete Weekend in Tobago count yourself fortunate. I had the misfortune once. I was 18 and in Tobago visiting relatives when my sister and I decided to head down to Store Bay to lime and swim. We went about midday and stayed until later afternoon and got caught in the start of a beach party that was part of the Great Fete weekend festivities. It was at 18, on a beach in Store Bay, that I saw how easily women can be molested and sexually assaulted for being dressed in swimsuits and present at a beach fete. The attitude of the men around was that women were at the fete for sex or at least foreplay. We left the beach before sunset and I have thereafter carefully avoided Great Fete weekend. It’s frowned upon by many Tobagonians. They see it as just another event where rude Trinidadians invade their quiet island for more rum and revelry. But Sandbox Promotions has a good thing going at Crown Point and it generates revenue. I guess it must be on that basis that Sandbox has been given leeway to shape the TOP campaign. A campaign that now resembles a ghetto fete gone wrong. The Calcutta Ship ad, that is helping to promote the same racism that the TOP and UNC claim to be against has finally been pulled…and I feel that ad has backfired on them. Because while Sandbox might know how to throw a fete in Tobago, I’m yet to be convinced that Sandbox knows how to throw an election campaign and I will explain why.

In an island as devoutly Protestant as Tobago, and suspicious of any practice that is Unorthodox, why on earth would you arrange for the PM who is both Hindu and Spiritual Baptist and rude to read at a pulpit. While that may be playing to a TOP audience, it’s not likely to go off as well with many other residents of the island.
Using children to send a rude message to the THA Chief secretary is another No-No. Tobagonians still admire things like manners, class and respectability. Sandbox entertainment has introduced a level of crassness and vulgarity to an election campaign that is normally never this heated or hectic. TOP’s response to Hilton Sandy’s Calcutta Ship has only served to take the race talk up several notches and anger Tobagonians and Trinis alike. Now to add fuel to the fire Skippy Barrington Thomas has asked the Equal Opportunities Commission to launch a probe into Sandy’s comments. A move that is likely to go nowhere but will continue to stir up hate and disgust. It’s almost as if UNC and TOP revelling in the morass now. Sandy has since issued two apologies for his race-imbued comments, yet that seems to matter little in the scheme of things….this from a party that is home to the likes of Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Devant Maharaj, Nizam Mohammed and Jack Warner.

To see Tobago’s politics fall into the this type of behaviour that is typical of Trinidad politics is saddening. To see the UNC/TOP that constantly describes itself as the NEW POLITICS/ALL INCLUSIVE party with no evidence to support such claims, continue to promote the race-baiting is beyond disgusting. But congratulations to SandBox entertainment members who have managed to extend the ethos of Great Fete into wider Tobago.

Nat Sec Minister.....

Nat Sec Minister…..

Full Dotish 2 Operation Police State: I wont go into lengthy details here but crime gone clear. And I am not just referring to murders, but to what is fuelling the murders – the gun and drug trade – trades that are closely linked to all kinds of white collar corruption here like fraud and money laundering. Trinidad rotten from head to tail, but the only Crime Initiatives ever implemented here are ones to deal with the poor working underclass in selected areas that are primarily black or feature people that resemble John Sandy. In 2010 when the PP decided to cancel the OPVs their comments were that the Drug and Crime wars weren’t at sea but on land. And so they were moving the fight to the land. This same government implemented policies that made our borders porous. This same government created loopholes and gaps in our borders to allow for drugs and guns to enter Trinidad freely. These porous borders led to the crisis that caused 11 murders in 2 days and for Kamla in haste and fear to call a SoE and then use the cover of a SoE to target Afro-descended people living in poor urban and rural areas with the blessings of most of the wealthy and middle class of Trinidad.
Now we have Jack Warner promising to give 1000 soldiers precepted powers and the setting up of not 1 but 5 military bases around the island. After this government’s abuse of power during the SoE, after Warner abused his power as Minister of Nat Sec and turned Police and Military on a group of Highway protesters; after the fiasco that is Section 34, are we really to trust this government with this National security policy? Can Warner be trusted? Soldiers with arrest powers? Really? And no one wants to see that we are heading towards a state where too much power is falling into the hands of armed forces?

And of course you have members of the business community, such as Daphne Bartlett issuing the following statements:”president of the San Fernando Business Association Daphne Bartlett said the move to grant powers of arrests to soldiers was long overdue, and the army bases were being set up at key points where there could be careful monitoring of the coasts. “We support the locations that Mr Warner chose, because he acknowledged recently how porous our borders are,”. Clearly she forgot who made the borders porous and that the battles moved from the land to the sea.

Full Dotish 3 Abusive Vegendas: Women, Womanhood and the female psyche taking real abuse under this government. Back in 2010 the local feminist movement came out to speak about how chauvinist the PNM government was. That it had a very authoritative, oppressive and masculine approach to government. All of it true. To date, not a member of that same clique of women has come out to discuss the nature of the governance we are receiving under the PP. I have commented on the silence often. In a conversation last year with Gabrielle Hosein – a gender activist, lecturer in Gender studies at UWI, and in 2010 an open supporter of Kamla Persad-Bissessar as Prime Minister – I asked Ms Hosein why she had not written out against the atrocities to women under this regime and Ms Hosein explained that her workload coupled with her new-found status as a mother made it difficult for her to find the time to address these issues……..are you hearing the crickets that playing right now?

Under Kamla’s tenure – a woman who garbs herself in vagenda clothes all the time “As a mother and a grandmother”, “we are a caring government, a compassionate government” etc – we have witnessed the rampant nepotism and corruption: excusing the abuse of state funds to pay her sister; gender-shaming the country into believing that she was being given a hard time during her campaign because she is a woman; the abuse of Sita Gajardharsingh-Nanga by Sat Maharaj with not a word said against it; the bullying and abuse of Cheryl Miller; the abuse and assault of women under the SoE by police and soldiers; and most recently San Fernando Mayor Navi Murad-Ali is reported to have physically abused his girlfriend in a public spat. Murad-Ali denies physical abuse, but admits to verbal abuse in a public sphere.

And like good Victorian-Era women, the feminists remain mute.

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9 thoughts on “3 Degrees of Full Dotish!

  1. The feminists in Trinidad, are Trinis first (like all of us – sorry ‘Bago brethren and sistren but ah rope in allyuh here to). Some have to eat ah food, others make ah money, for the majority of the rest of us is Survival Business (Is crucial business – by Shadow mih favoritist poet/calypsonian). So it is left to old men like BC Pires and Kevin Baldeosingh in the newspapers and me in de rumshop to point out the blows that Kamla has been raining on the “feminist movement”. In the words of Queen Mamala herself in justifying she sister joyriding with all over de world (PLease envision the Kamla-accent when reading her words) – “As a woman Prime Minister , I have very special needs” – now what de hell dat mean? As ah man I have real special needs to – and ah cyah make dem all public!! –
    To dis cronyism at the states expense the sistren said nothing – I think BC wrote Vidwatie must be the most expensive sanitary pad carrier ever – although Kamla is past menopause age.
    De sistren eh say nothing when Sasha get big wuk in the PM office – ah understand Tim say she have ah high performance level. And when dey attempted to appoint Reshmi – and lie bout she qualifications – even grind-up bid bad Brigadier John “stones” and mek im into John “Sandy” – have de emasculated man reading bogus resume in Parliament – de sistren was again quiet. My humble opinion is Kamla rain and piss on any genuine feminist agenda Ah grow up in this plantation sistem, and BC and Kevin eh necessarily any comfort dat ah is not jus another male chauvinist pig in dis place – so Thank You very much Sister Rhoda Bharath dat i am not necessarily (although I could be?) for seeing KPB’s cheap exploitation of the feminist agenda – and any other agenda she could latch on to!
    Keep up the Good Work – “A Change is Gonna Come” – we have to hope, or what’s a heaven for!

      • I agree – but without making excuses for “us”, in these colonies of exploitation, the responsibility for standing up for an issue was not the “privilege” of the ordinary citizens, unfortunately we are largely “acculturated” that way – it is the “legacy of the plantation system” It is why Garvey/Marley had to say/sing ” Stand up , standup for your rights” – there is no need to say this in a colonies of settlement like the US/Australia/NZ – how else could a settler survive if he did not take responsibility – and their people are largely acculturated that way. We have a proud history of protest and resistance though – probably unparalleled in history (at least Haiti) – We problem is taking responsibility after beating “dem Massa” – we continually re-generating revised “Massa rulership”
        OK by one line blog was just a test – i actually tried send a much longer comment before that – but was not logged in or something so. So I will try again. First it is good that we have a few people disturbed by what passes for governance and leadership here. Thank you for your efforts – now that i have tried to get on your good side – I will now submit my male chauvinist post.
        I am happy to see that at least one woman who is willing to openly criticize Kamla’s bogus feminism – in my male chauvinist opinion she has been raining blows, pissing all over, anything that should look like real feminism. Examples:
        Why was Sasha Mohammed given a “big wuk” in de PM’s office – was it because of her high performance with Tim? If she is this great asset,where is she making here contribution now?
        Why was Reshmi designated for a big wuk that she was in no way qualified for? – they even had the bid bad Brigadier John Stones lying about she resume in Parliament. John lose he stones, it was ground down to sand – Hence he is now John Sandy. (sorry, but i have to find ways to laff here, otherwise ah go be cussing and crying instead!!)
        How did Therese get ah Minister wuk, and then an Ambassadorial appt. to embarrass we in Geneva – after hearing her “presentation” who would believe that this place produced – James, Williams, Naipaul, Best, ——-? Now is de lady(Therese) right to be disturbed, eccentric, whatever? But who responsible for sending she to embarrass we little nation internationally?
        Queen Mamala is directly responsible for all of the above and you are correct – the feminists are quiet? – Why? I suggest like all else here it is a little complicated – eat ah food (for de poor and hungry) , make a money ( for the rich and greedy) – the majority of the rest doh (of de population), doh even know they should have some kinda responsibility in this – it is what “the Lloyd” (Best) called unresponsibility – we are not even aware of the need to be responsible. Right now we entire “alleged middle class” finalizing they all inclusive fetes list (really meant to make dem feel exclusive) and choosing they Chinese made, maybe locally decorated underwear, which dey calling costume and culture? (and mih feminist frens have to get some blows here to – not like Navi and he gyul though! – but that is at least 2 whole different story).

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