Hungry for Facts

Imagine a man had to threaten to kill heself before this government promise to do what it enshrined in the law to do!

Study that and study that good. All the people who was busy calling on the DPP to arrest Wayne, or showing up for their piece of media spotlight and trying to arrest Wayne themselves never once study that they needed to arrest someone from the government for going ahead on a project that clearly flawed in terms of process.

Study that the EMA, the only body with environmental oversight on this issue award the Government a Certificate of Environmental Clearance on a project for which up to now they cannot produce a completed EIA, Cost-Based Analysis and Hydrology report. And not a person call for Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Joth Singh or Emmanuel George to be arrested….but Wayne Kublasingh, who asked for answers, and got only scorn and abuse instead, that is who they want to arrest.

I have been quiet in the last week of this event as i have watched certain things pan out. I felt i was a little to close to the event to always be objective. But here is my take.

Wayne make this country ask some hard questions about government accountability and transparency. He also put the spotlight on Kamla in a way that makes her look very bad. There is nothing compassionate or motherly about her at all, and her responses to Wayne, both in her refusal to speak to him and in her government’s performance at two public meetings held in during the hunger strike revealed much.

In those public speeches Kamla’s government showed that it was not incapable of using geography as a tool to divide the country. All of a sudden the place hot with talk about North vs South. North more developed than South. And because of how the lands here have been settled historically and city versus country, north versus south talk quickly descends into race. Them black people up north versus them Indian down South. And i using nice words.

So we going down the road wrong and strong with divisive politics: a few weeks ago it was race and religion in the Pre-Budget Rally, the S 34 March, at the Divali Nagar, and now it is regional divisions. But apologists will continue to insist that Kamla not using divisive politics…..they will insist that she is not subliminally appealling to tribe with her and her party’s behaviour. They must be find I look like I born yesterday. It plain as day for all and sundry to see.

But these tactics represent a government in crisis. With each political meeting that Kamla holds to discuss Government affairs and government business…..and make no mistake, this highway was a national issue, not a party issue…….she and her government must move further and further into Deep South. Mid Center Mall and Rienzi Complex are no longer safe seats. She is no longer assured a faithful turnout even in Central Trinidad. It is rather the strongholds of deep Deep South Trinidad. This government is painting itself into a corner. And you know what happens to a cornered beast? It lashes out.

And they continue to lash out at the population at every turn they get.

Many of the issues of the Debe to Mon Desir Highway are quite similar to Section 34, in a general sense. Both issues showed us a government unwilling to act responsibly and transparently, and undertaking a project for the benefit of their financiers. Accountability, Transparency and Praty Finance Reform. Kamla and them promising this since 2010, not so? And a man had was to almost kill heself to remind them and us of this!

De Vice Cyah Done!


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6 thoughts on “Hungry for Facts

  1. I must say, I have been waiting to hear from you on this. I dont know what else it will take for dotish people in this country to wake up and look at what is going on. They have shown us, issue after issue that good governance, accountability and transparency does not matter. Dr Kublalsingh is the warning to those of us with a voice and who choose to speak up and out and act against this Government.

    This is indeed the most telling and the most disgusting performance by Kamla and her cohort since they came into office.

  2. And its in those thoughts of rebellion we must search for self and purpose…no cliches, no nice words…if we continue to slip into indifference one day we will look in the mirror and not recognise ourselves

  3. You are so right, the bottom line is Dr. Kublalsingh called the government to account for its actions and was vilainized for it. This situation is devastating beyond comparison as we would not know when we have been overthrown by a group of anarchist. Look at how far they have gone to justify each of their transgressions from changing the law to laughing despicable attacks on the citizens of this nation. Just as your emotions overwhelmed you Ms. Bharath, there are others who will not have the same control. The Beetham protests is but the beginning. Keep it up!

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